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6 January 2007

Bubble Bobble

 in 1989,Arcade — bunnzy

Bubble Bobble Bubble Bobble Bubble Bobble

Bubble Bobble has to be one of the most well known arcade games ever made. I remember playing this on Nintendo when I was about 11! I spent hours and hours on it, lets just say my neighbours were glad to see the back of me once that game was done 😉

Bubble Bobble is about Bub and Bob, two adorable little bubble dragons/dinosaurs (depending on who’s opinion you follow, for this review, we’ll say “dragonsaurs” ;)). Of course they weren’t always bubble dragonsaurs, they were turned that way by naughty wizards. Bub and Bob’s girlfriends have been taken, and in this game they must rescue them from the baddie, who is called Hyper Drunk (yes, strange I know). In order to do this, they have to travel through 100 levels to the underground.

Each level has enemies, and the trick is to trap them in the bubbles. When you get them trapped in the bubble the bubbles float up, then you run and pop the bubbles. When the bubbles are popped out comes fruit and other assorted items which you collect in order to increase your score. This isn’t the entire game though, as when you get up to the higher levels, the enemies get faster and smarter, and also increase in numbers.

There are bonuses to collect, that can increase your bubble shooting speed etc, and also letters. If you spell certain words you can gain an extra life etc.

Bubble Bobble had great graphics. Totally cute! Bub and Bob are cute little dragonsaurs, and even the enemies are cute. It’s a cool looking game, very appealing to the eye. Bubble Bobble certainly has that ol’ arcade charm.

The Bubble Bobble tune can get on your nerves, as it’s the same tune throughout the game. But, if you love the tune like I do, then you shouldn’t have any problems. 🙂

Bubble Bobble multiplayer totally kicks arse! I don’t know if the PC version has multiplayer (it should do), but you sure can play it that way on the NES, PSX, or other console you can get it on. If you do find you love this game, and its only one player, then think about getting it for a console, you’ll have hours and hours of fun!! 😀

This is an excellent game! If you can find it in an arcade somewhere, then have a play. 😀 That’s the best way to play Bubble Bobble!

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Bubble Bobble

  • Published by: Taito
  • Designed by: John Butrovich

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Size: 349kb (2 min on 56k dial-up)


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