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6 January 2007

Barbarian (AKA Death Sword)

 in 1988,Arcade — Marrsy

Barbarian (AKA Death Sword) Barbarian (AKA Death Sword) Barbarian (AKA Death Sword)

I remember this gaem on the ZX Spectrum and my god it’s fun 🙂

I don’t know for sure if it’s based on the Arnie Film of the same name (in Europe the game was released as Barbarian while everywhere else it was Death Sword). The game consists of a series of one on one sword fighting bouts against ever more difficult opponents. Use a range of moves (blocks, thrusts and the ever cool overhead chop) to defeat your opponent and and win the game. Not a whole lot more to it than that.

However, what is really great about this game is the two player option where you and a friend compete to against eachother. Some of my fondest memories involve decapitating the kid who lived down the street.. (you know how the rest of this joke goes, so I wont bother).

Great fun.

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Barbarian (AKA Death Sword)

  • Designed by: Palace Software
  • Published by: Epyx

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Size: 51kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)


6 Responses to “Barbarian (AKA Death Sword)”

  1. a gravatar wolfenzero Says:

    play this game in commodore emulater and youll see the differance CGA is sick vs a 16 colors like commodore they even had ega in 1988 and the programer for this game was to cheap to add ega in this game not even adlib which like soundblaster existed back them sad part this games retail cost is the same as the commodore64 barbarian version has 3voices soundtrack like music 16 colors better pixels and easygamplay play this in a c64 emulator sad part is barbarian 2 had ega graphics but still lacked the sound

  2. a gravatar Stephen Says:

    This game rocked! The version i had was “Barbarian” and was on the Amiga 500, but there was this awesome signature move which would spin the guy around and swing his sword, ultimately slicing the oppositions head straight off. Awesome game play 🙂

  3. a gravatar Biff Stone Says:

    This game marked my downfall from greatness as a gamer. You see, i was the king, i was the badass gamer among my friends when it came to head to head gaming. until that fateful day when me and my mates were having a go at this game and as usual i was taking heads and slapping them all down. then one day as i was beating my friend in the right corner of the screen and just slapping the snot out of him, he came around with a lucky head chop and beat me, suddenly all my friends were insprired and i was in shock! they all started beating me at that game that day and ever since then i have not been able to play head to head worth a darn. i get fragged in halflife, unreal tournament, and every other game i play now. so i just play stratagie games, and rts games now in one player mode or co-op. i have become a defeated man. but it is a great game just the same.

  4. a gravatar hide online Says:

    I totally understand what you are writing about and I appreciate it.

  5. a gravatar scary video games Says:

    My friends and I play this all the time. We are the best in this game.

  6. a gravatar BestJanette Says:

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