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6 January 2007


 in 1988,Arcade — Marrsy

Arkanoid Arkanoid Arkanoid

Bats and balls.. bats and balls… bats and balls…*shiver*….


OK… hands up all those who are old enough to Breakout!

For all you young’uns, Breakout involved trying to deflect a bouncing ball with a padel (while keeping it in play) so that it smashed into a wall of coloured bricks. Not only was it simplicity itself, it was also more addictive then covering yourself in peanut butter and thinking about nuns… yeah!

So anyway, Arkanoid is a demon hell-spawned clone of Breakout; a silly, silly plot (something about spaceships and “space walls”), more features, better graphics, about a quadrillion (it’s a word!) times more addictive than the original! The biggest improvement is the addition of powerups that fall down the screen when you hit certain bricks. The *S* power up slows down the speed of the ball (sorry, energy bolt =P) so that you can take things a little easier, while the *L* powerup gives you a laser gun (COOL!).

So yeah, not a lot of depth to the game, but still more fun than a weasel in a crossbow.

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  • Published by: Taito
  • Designed by: Taito, Novalogic

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Size: 82kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)


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  1. a gravatar AngrySponge Says:

    Bloody brill.

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