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5 January 2007

After Burner

 in 1989,Arcade,Simulation — Marrsy

After Burner After Burner After Burner

Afterburner is an arcade air combat game (I refuse to use the word “simulator” because if planes were this easy to fly i’d have carpet bombed anyone who looked at me funny by now).

You fly a plane, your enemies fly planes. You will shoot at them, they will shoot at you. There’s really now a whole hell of a lot to it than that.

Just don’t get killed and shoot lots of bad guys, you’ll do fine 😉

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After Burner

  • Published by: Unlimited Software, Sega

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Size: 423kb (2 min on 56k dial-up)


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  1. a gravatar gmail login mail Says:

    Love this game!! Thank you for sharing!

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