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7 January 2007

Space Quest 5: The Next Mutation

 in 1993,Adventure,Space Quest — Marrsy

Space Quest 5 Space Quest 5 Space Quest 5

After his adventures through time in SQ4, Roger Wilco is back as a cadet in StarFleet Academy (Star Trek spoof alert eh?).

This is by far my favourite game in the series, the graphics are great, the humour is not too subtle, but not too in your face (for the most part anyway) and I loved piloting the star ship – a great idea IMO.

I do have a few gripes though, the humour can be a little groan inducing at times (Captain Quirk… riiiight) and some of the arcade sequences are tiresome.

A great adventure game IMO, but suffering from the same flaws that I associate with most Sierra adventure games.

Get it.

Space Quest 5 Space Quest 5 Space Quest 5

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Space Quest 5: The Next Mutation

  • Designed by: Sierra
  • Published by: Sierra


3 Responses to “Space Quest 5: The Next Mutation”

  1. a gravatar Marc2006 Says:

    I will agree with you that Space Quest 5 was a great game! It was actually my favorite of the series – and its a shame that Sierra never thought about releasing a CD version. I would have loved to have played this game with speech.

    A great game!

  2. a gravatar John Says:

    Actually they did realease a version with audio on cd. It was part of a giant collection of games bundled together by Sirrea but that was the one and only time I ever found it with voices.

  3. a gravatar Old Games Says:

    Well i had the space quest 5 on the cd collection but it didn’t had any voices. But Space quest 4 had…

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