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7 January 2007

Space Quest 4: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers

 in 1990,Adventure,Space Quest — paully

Space Quest 4 Space Quest 4 Space Quest 4

I remember I helped my sister buy a computer for the business that her and her husband ran. It was a top of the line 486 with 16mb ram, and a CD player… yes can you believe it, it had a CD player.. and this was no wimpy sx system but a dx. That system rocked. At the same time they bought that computer I got my very first CD-ROM game. Space quest 4.

This game was not only sweet on the graphics, but the thing would talk to you. It had voice I kid you not, real life voice on it. I remember playing this game for hours. It was funny, it was neat to look at, and did I mention it talked to you? Well about a month ago my granddad in-law gave me the full collection of space quest games he found in a bargain bin. First game I went to on that was space quest 4, and would I be disappointed after all these years, and after all this advancement in games? No way. The game is still very cartoon like, and still very funny. There are easy puzzles in it, there are hard puzzles in it. If you are a space quest fan you will especially like the little sequence where you travel back to space quest one and play on the old EGA graphics.

The point and click is easy to use, and the only draw back with the voice is that the narrator does get a little annoying after telling you for the tenth time that you can’t click there. The death sequences are fun to go through, and the story is up to space quest standards.

I have played all space quest games many times now and this one is still my favorite of all of them. You will not be disappointed on this. And though this download may not have the voice (don’t know if it does or not) you will still laugh at this game. And another thing that makes it great is that any one of any age can play it. Nothing crude nothing obscene just good clean fun.

I give this game a four out of five on the paully scale.

Space Quest 4 Space Quest 4 Space Quest 4

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Space Quest 4: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers

  • Designed by: Sierra
  • Published by: Sierra


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  2. a gravatar Craigo Says:

    I think your link might be broken – how can I download the game?

  3. a gravatar Victor Palacios Says:

    i had no opportunities to play this game but, it is amazing that there are collection of this time games.

    i feel very well.

  4. a gravatar gmail email login Says:

    The game looks like. I have never heard of it.

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