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8 January 2007

Lost Dutchman Mine

 in 1989,Adventure — bunnzy

Lost Duchman Mine Lost Duchman Mine

You start off with some cash, to buy supplies for your adventure to find the Lost Dutchman Mine. Looking for information on this game, I was rather surprised that there was such a place around the state of Arizona. Go figure? So where was I? Yes, you start off in town, and you have to buy supplies, such as mining equipment, weapons, food etc. You can make more money panning for gold in the rivers, being a bounty hunter etc.

Apparently there are donkeys to help you carry stuff, as you are only one mere man remember. This enables you to take more food. You can also find more food by going fishing in rivers and stuff.

There are always dangers when on a journey to find a goldmine, mark my words! Well, actually I lie, because I’ve never actually been on an adventure such as this, but I did once pan for gold in the South Island of New Zealand, and I did find some but my sister flushed it down the toilet – but that’s a whole other story. Back to the review! I was talking about threats, such as snakebites (you’re gonna need a doctor), Indians, and other people with big guns that want to kill you dead.

This is a pretty unheard of game, and you can’t really find any information on it! It rates pretty well as an adventure game, you should play it just to get it a bit more well known 😉

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Lost Dutchman Mine

  • Designed by: Innerprise, Magnetic Images

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4 Responses to “Lost Dutchman Mine”

  1. a gravatar sam Says:

    its worth a go it entertained me for afew hours something diffrent

  2. a gravatar Shain Says:

    if you know what button you can use in place of the joystick button please email me at flygreen@verizon.net

  3. a gravatar Shain Says:

    never mind, I found out and in case you’re wondering it’s the space bar

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