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1 February 2008

Iron Lord

 in 1989,Adventure — bunnzy

Iron Lord Iron Lord Iron Lord

First, a big thanks to Oyn who found this game for me. I was looking for it for many years. I used to play this game at Intermediate school on the class computer, because we were there earlier than school started. After all these years I could only remember a game set in the middle ages, and that there was arm wrestling, archery and galloping a horse between towns. So I described this dream game to Oyn and he went hunting, and sure enough he found it – he finds everything. 🙂 Thanks Oyn! (k)

This game was way before it’s time. It was enthralling, stunning, fun and adventurous. I have always had a fascination with all things medieval.

Iron Lord Iron Lord Iron Lord

So, where to start? You are a knight who has returned from afar, only to find that your uncle has an army approaching to conquer your lands and your home has been ravaged. Your castle is a ruin and you need to amass an army to defend the lands. A bit like the Robin Hood movie with Kevin Costner? The problem is that you’ve been gone so long that nobody really cares who you are, so you need to go around doing archery and arm wrestling and other things to gather enough respect and money to get the army together.

So you get on your faithful steed and face the county map. You ride your horse from town to town and other inhibited areas and do all that is required to save your land from the oncoming slaughter.

The first town you’ll come across is Chatany Malabry, where you spend most of the game trying to conquer the annual archery contest. I totally sucked at the archery. You have to gauge the angle up, down, side-to-side, force etc. You get 6 rounds. It was quite difficult! I also managed to pick up some supplies from the store to aid me in my quest.

Iron Lord Iron Lord Iron Lord

The town of Lorando is to the west, where there is a used-car salesman and an optimistic barman. It’s a quaint town, where people are friendly and they have a lot of… shrubbery.

Knights Templar Abbey isn’t a town, but it’s another area you can visit. I was confuddled here, seemed a good place to just purchase things. I thought it was awesome that there were Knights Templar, very medieval. Shame they weren’t ready to rally to my cause just yet.

The best place to visit though is Torantek, the restless city of scoundrels and people without morals or faith. Wow, careful not to be mugged I say. People tend to stare at me and don’t like me. I did find some mercenaries but they didn’t like me either. It was a very interesting place to be. Some nice shady characters for you to take your moods out on.

But that’s not all, there are many other places to visit and see, other challenges, people to meet and talk to, buy things from etc.

Iron Lord Iron Lord Iron Lord

I really recommend this game, it’s just brilliant. So popular it was ported to nearly any platform you can think of! 🙂

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Iron Lord

  • Published by: Ubi Soft Entertainment Software
  • Designed by: Ubi Soft Entertainment Software

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