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8 January 2007


 in 1991,Adventure — Marrsy

Hook Hook

Movie tie-ins for the most part suck arsehole. They are little more than rushed, buggy attempts to cash in on a successful franchise. Hook is a movie tie-in, and while I wouldn’t go as far to say that the game is terrible, it is certainly not a true classic.

So why have I put it on the site you may ask, well

1) It was one of the few games that I bought for the Atari ST ( I got this and The Secret of Monkey Island at the same time, guess which game I prefer ;))
2) I worked damn hard to complete it, god knows why but I did. Now i’m going to push others to do the same.

If you’ve never seen the movie then you are going to be at a loss as to what is going on. You play Peter Banning who doesn’t know that he is (or was) Peter Pan. Your children have been kidnapped by the evil Captain Hook and it is up to you to journey to Nevernever land to rescue them.

My biggest probelm with Hook is that it could have been a damn good game, but it tries to follow the movie too closely. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but Hook fails badly at it. I can’t help but feel if the game had either done more to follow the movie (there were some pretty emotional bits in it… not that I cried or anything.. nu uh!) or had gone in a completely different direction with the story it could have been a decent adventure. Instead, on completing the game I was left feeling.. well, nothing. I had no desire to play it again, no feeling of accomplishment, nothing at all.

OK, i’ve panned the game enough, is there anything good i can say about it? Well, some of the earlier puzzles are quite fun to solve (especialy one involving an anchor and some rope), the game looks very nice and at least Robin Williams doesn’t have body hair to rival a cro-magnon primate (if you haven’t seen the movie then accept that what I just said was funny and move on. who cares if it make no sense to you).

It’s a shame because part of me really wants to reccomend the game, but the serious adventure gamer part of me just wants to dump on it. I think that newbies to point ‘n’ click adventures or young kids might get a kick out of it, and maybe everyone else should try it just so they can form their own opinion.

Just keep your expectations low.

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