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4 August 2007

Curse of Enchantia

 in 1993,Adventure — bunnzy

A very fun point-and-click adventure game from the creators of CyberPunks and the Lara Croft series, released on Commodore Amiga and for MS DOS. The controls can be quite cumbersome, but the scope of the game and most excellent sound more than make up for it. I guess the one other downfall is if you can’t get the sound to work – you’re a bit screwed. There is no text alternative to the talking.

Curse of Enchantia Curse of Enchantia Curse of Enchantia

The game all starts with a game of baseball. Brad and his sister Jenny are playing a game of baseball, Brad goes to hit the homer and *zap*… wakes up hanging upside down in a cold, damp dungeon. A long way from the modern time he lives in. The reason? Well, a land full of wicked greedy witches who want to cast a rejuvination spell to make them eternally young and hot. The thing though is that the spell needs a male to complete it, and there are no boys in their dimension, hence the bewitched baseball field.

So I’m sure we agree, a very unique plot to base a game upon.

Anyhoo, where were we? Yes, hanging from a dungeon wall, upside down. This is where it all starts. It’s your job Brad to find your way out of the dungeon, and to the edge of the world and beyond. Battle with fiersome beasts like electric eels, vampires and the evil witch.

Like I said, the controls are hard to use. It takes a while to get used to them, as you need to do a combination of about four controls to get Brad to just give someone a worm. And sometimes you need to do the most bizarre things (I won’t give anything away or I’ll spoil it), which you would never consider doing – so you end up sitting there stuck for a while thinking of what to do next. Oh right, we WEAR the suntan lotion *rolleyes*.

Curse of Enchantia Curse of Enchantia Curse of Enchantia

But I did enjoy this game. The sounds were most excellent. Brad yelling for help was superb. The graphics are really good for an oldschool classic adventure game. All the attention to detail has really paid off, it’s just stunning. Right up there at LucasArts quality 🙂

Curse of Enchantia Curse of Enchantia Curse of Enchantia

Play this game in DOSBox as you’re going to need sound.

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Curse of Enchantia

  • Published by: Core Design Ltd
  • Designed by: Core Design Ltd

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Size: 5425kb (19 min on 56k dial-up)


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