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7 January 2007


 in 1990,Adventure — bunnzy

Colorado Colorado

Quote: “Colorado 1801 – On the search of the legendary Cheyenne’s gold mine.”

Apparently there are over 100 different scenes in this game, I wouldn’t be at all surprised, and I got severely lost :). This is an adventure game in which you journey all over looking for the Cheyenne goldmine. You can collect all kinds of strange objects and have an adventure and half trying to remember where you are.

You get to fight with some Indians, and the elements. You get cool weapons like axes, knives and guns. The game even ends with some coolies white water rafting 😉

I didn’t get to hear any sound, but the graphics are actually really good. The game is not that old when compared to others I’ve played nonetheless I was still pleasantly surprised.

It’s your typical adventure game! Definitely give it a shot.

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  • Designed by: Silmarils
  • Published by: Silmarils

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Size: 397kb (2 min on 56k dial-up)


9 Responses to “Colorado”

  1. a gravatar Marele Han Says:

    what key do you use for weapons? I can select them, but i don’t see how i can use them

  2. a gravatar Merlin Says:

    The game asks for a “password” after some time of playing. The password is a certain word from a certain page of the manual.

    Anyone got a manual in pdf, or a cracked version of the game? The .txt manual won’t cut it 🙂

  3. a gravatar bunnzy Says:

    Hmmm, I only know where to find the txt manual. I had a look at Replacementdocs, but they didn’t have anything. Silmarils went bankrupt in 2003… I’ll keep looking for you though!

  4. a gravatar Merlin Says:

    Thanks, bunnzy 🙂 Great site you have btw.

  5. a gravatar Merlin Says:

    It took me a whole day to figure out, but here are the words from the manual:

    Page 4 line 1 word 6 – Winter
    Page 4 line 10 word 1 – Knifew
    Page 5 line 1 word 3 – Map
    Page 7 line 1 word 1 – You
    Page 8 line 2 word 6 – Shop
    Page 9 line 1 word 1 – Canoe

    Page 10 line 1 word 1 – ? (the only missing one)

  6. a gravatar bunnzy Says:

    You’re amazing, thank you 🙂

  7. a gravatar ToBJacinthe Says:

    thanks merlin and bunnzy. I am trying to figure out the password one by one but since you have done it, it saves us a lot of time. Thanks.

  8. a gravatar Matias Says:

    Very nice game I used to play when I was a kid…!!! thanks a lot!

  9. a gravatar Kayd Says:

    hey guys,

    I used to play this game when I was a kid and now I am playing it again thanks to you.

    I never managed to get ahead on the game when I was younger, and once again, I am having some issues with it.

    After I kill that damn wolf, there’s some sort of spirit that kills me if I touch its tomb. I tried everything I could think of until I discovered I need to wear some sort of medal, “medal of bravery” as they call it, for the spirit to recognise me as one of its sons. The thing is, I have no idea where to find this!

    Any suggestions?

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