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6 January 2007


 in 1987,Adventure — Marrsy

Text Only

Two points before I get cracking

1) Douglas Adams 0wnz j00, your entire family and everyone that you have ever met.

2) See point 1

(sorry for the little lapse into l33t there, but it’s true damnit!)

More famous for Hichhikers Guide to the Galaxy (see review on this site) he is also responsible for writing this overly easy but thoroughly entertaining text adventure. The whole game is based around your attempt to have your change of address acknowledged by the local authorities – I kid you not.

The style of the game compliments the title (that probably should be the other way around, but just who the hell is writing this review anyway?) and involves lots of pointless, and often humurous, form filling and tasks (the game includes a blood pressure gauge to show your level of stress. If this gets to high then you die and it’s game over). It is a perfect satirical look at the kind of petty mindedness that is inherent to local government (believe me, i’ve been there =/).

If you want something that’s different from any game that you have played before then Bureaucracy is your best bet. Die hard text adventure fanatics may find the game a little too easy, but you can’t help but warm to the unique nature of it.

A worthy addition to this site and a game that you should check out, even if it is only for half an hour.

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  • Published by: Infocom
  • Designed by: Infocom

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Size: 355kb (2 min on 56k dial-up)


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