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6 January 2007

Asterix : Operation Getafix

 in 1989,Adventure — Marrsy

Asterix : Operation Getafix Asterix : Operation Getafix Asterix : Operation Getafix

Based on the popular (french :P) comic book series of the same game, you play the super-strong Asterix – saviour of the Gauls and scourge of the Roman Empire.

Asterix owes his super strength to a special drink brewed by the tribe’s druid Getafix (get it?) who has unfortuantely developed amnesia resulting from a freak giant-friggin-rock-hits-druid-in-the-head-and-causes- him-to-lose-his-memory accident. It is up to you to seek out and gather various ingredients in the hope of finding a cure for Getafix.

The game itself is a sort of action-adventure mix… ok, more action than adventure but there is still some adventure style probelm solving involved here. The game controls are slightly ropey and not as repsonsive as i’d like them to be at times but this doesn’t detract from the game too much. One thing that did always bring a smile to my face while playing this game were the animations. From the rather amusing intro to what happens when Getafix tries out another potion – they are all very nicely done 🙂

Overall a chraming and fun game, maybe one to let the young ‘uns play.

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Asterix : Operation Getafix

  • Published by: Coktel Vision
  • Designed by: Coktel Vision

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Size: 351kb (2 min on 56k dial-up)


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