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5 January 2007

A Mind Forever Voyaging (AKA Prism)

 in 1985,Adventure — bunnzy

Text Only

My first experience with text adventures (I refuse to say “interactive fiction” damnit!) was with a game called The Boggit on the ZX Spectrum (no not Hobbit, Boggit!) It was the standard “find the sword of sharp pointy death and defeat the dragon of burning arses” fare and this was the yardstick with which I judged all text adventures from then on. I naturaly assumed that they would all be goblins and orcs and beardy senile wizards – ie slightly mundane.

A Mind Forever Voyaging has destroyed any preconceptions that I had.

Written by one of the text adventure industry’s best authors, Steve Meretsky, AMFV casts you as a sentient computer in the 21st century. In a troubled age of economic ruin and widespread decay, it is your job to enter a simulation baed around a test plan aimed towards a more properous future. The first two-thirds of the game involve exploring this simulated world and interacting with it to gather information, and features some of the most detailed and involving writing that you will ever find in a text adventure. Ultimately you will be encouraged to question not only the world around you, but also the very nature of your existance. It is not until the end of the game that you will encounter any puzzles per se, but you will be too swept up in the exploration parts and the underlining story to care.

Featuring one of the most amazing endings to a game that I have ever encountered and some truly astonishing writing, AMFV will captivate you in way that few computer games can.

A fantastic game, heartily recommended.

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A Mind Forever Voyaging (AKA Prism)

  • Published by: Infocom
  • Designed by: Infocom

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Size: 190kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)


7 Responses to “A Mind Forever Voyaging (AKA Prism)”

  1. a gravatar molofaha Says:

    Whoever is rating this game this low (currently standing at 5.8/10) is very brave, considering this game is rated by some people (including myself) to be the single best piece of interactive fiction ever made.

  2. a gravatar Marrsy Says:

    I guess eome people just can’t get past the fact that you have to.. y’know.. type… ‘n’ stuff.

    The 3DFX generation wouldn’t know a good game if it bit them on the arse

  3. a gravatar mike Says:

    Really good fiction, a pleasure ! but too short …

  4. a gravatar Interactive Fictioner Says:

    If AMFV is the best full-length interactive fiction ever, then perhaps Photopia is the best short interactive fiction. I found it truly moving. And it raises questions about life that linger long after you’re done playing it.

  5. a gravatar bunnzy Says:

    You’re right, it is an awesome game 🙂

  6. a gravatar mifune Says:

    Please tell me how to get this game! I keep downloading it on my mac but it won’t play! Thanks.

  7. a gravatar Adam Schule Says:

    Such a great game. Keep it up doing game like this.

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