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7 January 2007

Tom and Jerry

 in 1993,Action,Platform — bunnzy

Tom and Jerry Tom and Jerry

Yay, this cartoon was cool, as so is the game. It’s actually the second Tom & Jerry game made the first one being “Tom & Jerry: A Yankee Doodle CAT-astrophe”

Tuffy (Jerry’s nephew) has been kidnapped by Tom, and you have to help Jerry rescue him. You will encounter weird enemies such as wind up teeth etc (hehe, that’s cool). You may just be a mouse, but you are Jerry, and no clicking teeth can stand in your way! You have to go through the house and rescue Tuffy from the paws of that naughty Tom.

This game is your standard side scrolling platform game. Run and jump, dodge the stuff. The graphics are great, and the sound is what you would expect. PC speaker sound.

To tell the truth, I would rather have been Tom, I’ve always wished that Tom could just beat Jerry JUST ONCE! But alas, that’s too much to ask. Maybe Sylvester can get Tweety instead?

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Tom and Jerry

  • Published by: Hi-tech Expressions

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Size: 290kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)


2 Responses to “Tom and Jerry”

  1. a gravatar William Powell Says:

    The best game ever except that I can’t beat that Tom in level 3 so I might need some help with that. But everything else is fine and cool.

  2. a gravatar torrents Says:

    :)) I’m the winner of this game. I often reach highest points. Great game.

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