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8 January 2007

The Last Ninja

 in 1988,Action — Marrsy

The Last Ninja The Last Ninja

Ninjas rock! You know it’s true!

The Last Ninja however sucks large amounts of buttock. Surely his elite martial arts training extended to “how not to die when coming within 3 feet of water” or “how not to miss a jump just because you were one micron off”.


Anyway, your clan (ninja clan? who knows) has been brutaly murdered and it’s up to you to avenge them.. yadda yadda yadda. The game is an action/adventure hybrid that takes place from an isometric viewpoint across a faux-japanese landscape (the effect works well actualy). You must jump (waaaaay too much emphasis on this) fight and solve puzzles in order to reap bloody vengence on your enemies. Speaking of which, one area that Last Ninja does excel in is weaponry. Along with regular punching and kicking you can get access to a sword, nunchakas, a staff, smoke bombs, throwing stars.. and all those other thingies that make life groovy 😉 HOWEVER, it’s a bit of a let down that the control system is so dire, meaning that actualy using your weapon is a lot harder than it has to be.
To be honest I remember the game being a lot more enjoyable on 8-bit systems (the C64 and ZX Spectrum).. maybe i’m just getting old 😉 Nevertheless, once you get used to the controls and the pixel-perfect precision that the game requires you may enjoy it.

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The Last Ninja

  • Designed by: Activision
  • Published by: Activision

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