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3 October 2007

The Catacomb II

 in 1991,Action — bunnzy

The Catacomb II The Catacomb II The Catacomb II
Oh I have been having so much fun playing this game for the last three or so days. It is a completely addictive, hardass piece of addictive and frustrating goodness! >_<


The aim? Simple, fight your way through 30 levels of mysterious mazes while being bombarded by little red men, skeletons, big red teddy bears (erm, iruno) and then multitudes of dragons. And then funny big dragons which look like vampires, so end up looking like some sort of emo-dragon-vampire. But you can’t be assured it’s going to cut itself, so just shoot the crap out of it.

You can shoot with nukes or bombs. You gather those while running around, they look like little scroll things. Also potions – remember you can use the spacebar for that as well as “P”. There are shortcut keys all over. Also doors will need unlocking so collect keys.

The Catacomb II The Catacomb II The Catacomb II

One thing I remembered – to my amazement – is the secrets. If you shoot certain parts of the catacomb walls you will reveal passage ways to lovely prizes, or portals to higher levels (heeey, saves time!). I guess I used to play this game way too much when I was younger. 😉

I’m kind of gutted that if you die you have to start again. I’ve not managed to make it past the 18th level in my latest attempt (and did I mention I’ve been playing for three days?!). Don’t worry, I’ll get there soon…

Oh, hint: Great sounding game, POW POW POW oldschool. 😀

The Catacomb II The Catacomb II The Catacomb II

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The Catacomb II

  • Published by: SoftDisk Publishing
  • Designed by: SoftDisk Publishing


11 Responses to “The Catacomb II”

  1. a gravatar Hexie Says:

    Okay that wasnt really the game I ment 😉

  2. a gravatar Oyn Says:

    Gosh bunnzy is so uberawesome! Nice review too! 🙂

  3. a gravatar bunnzy Says:

    Hexie: What game did you mean? And when did you say a game? 😉

    Oyn: Thankee sweets. You’re pretty awesome too -_-

  4. a gravatar Hexie Says:

    The game I ment was Catacomb Abyss, I think it was made by Softdisk. It looked like a 16 color Wolfenstein 3D clone but in a horror-kinda setting. Look it up on Mobygames 😉

  5. a gravatar bunnzy Says:

    Ack, the 3D Catacomb games were kinda awful. But I’m still going to play them through again and add them, because they are an important part of that whole 3D history of gaming (wolf 3D etc). Haha 🙂 Boy was it hard to control though.

  6. a gravatar Daniel Says:

    I just finished playing this through… the levels 10-19 are far more difficult than 20-30, because there are some tricky riddles and dead ends. After that, it’s back to pure monster blasting again. And the ending is worth it I guess 🙂
    This is definitely the last game before the birth of the FPS genre on the PC, all the elements are already there, right up to strafing! It was lots of fun to play this through.

  7. a gravatar CDawg Says:

    Is there any advice on working through levels 11-20? I think I know how to solve level 13, but advancing in the rest have me stumped.

  8. a gravatar Daniel Says:

    Sure! I just played it through again recently. Tell me what level you’re in and I can try giving you a subtle hint.

    I have a question too. Does anyone know about levels 14, 15, and 18? In the two times I completed the game, I think I never came across those levels. Some secret exits I missed?

  9. a gravatar Sarah Says:

    Wow I loved this game!!! Really want to play it again too!

  10. a gravatar Alison Says:

    I just downloaded this game again but can’t get past level 10 where you have to choose from the 4 levels! how do you get past these i’ve tried them all but can’t work it out!

  11. a gravatar email Says:

    I’m so happy to find the game of my childhood here. Thank you so much!!

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