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8 January 2007

Prince of Persia

 in 1989,Action,Platform — bunnzy

Prince of Persia Prince of Persia

Ah, there is nothing like the feel of cold steel impaling you in rather interesting places to really get you moving. Trust me, this game has its fair share of ‘cringe moments’.

You’ve got three guesses to tell me the name of the evil dude who kidnapped the princess. Grand Vizier Jaffar you say? Well, you’d be exactly right! Aladdin here we come! But no, sorry you are not Aladdin. You are trying to rescue the princess who is your love; you have an hour to get to her. If you don’t get to her in an hour, then she will be forced to marry Jaffar or be killed.

I have to say that does take some skill to play this game. It is quite important that you know how to jump, otherwise you can end up either impaled on spikes or a big pile of broken bones at the bottom of a pit. They have those lovely jumps, where you have to do a flying leap and end up hanging off the edge of the other side * shudder *. There are other scary things too, like some of the floors fall in, whilst others are moving floors. There are guards placed around, and as you move up from the dungeons, the guards get harder to fight. You do nice little sword battles that take a while to get used to, thrust, dodge etc.

Overall, I had some fun playing this game, even if I did always end up with a big spike impaled up my arse. And I kind of couldn’t play it without cheating either * blush *. It’s a classic game, loved by many – give it a shot 🙂

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Prince of Persia

  • Published by: Brøderbund
  • Designed by: Brøderbund

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2 Responses to “Prince of Persia”

  1. a gravatar http://www.bunnz.org/files/P/prince.zip Says:

    My favorit best game in all over the world a big thz to it creator JORDAN MECHENR and all who help him… I hope that all the teenagers must have listen about it and playe it and finish it… it is a game that all one must have played it so download it quickly….

  2. a gravatar ANTONIO Says:

    This is a true classic. even if your not a big fan of the genre, you should really try it.

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