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8 January 2007


 in 1984,Action,Platform — bunnzy

Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman

Jumpman is one of those very old classic games that paved the way for your typical platformers. It was designed after Nintendo started with all that Donkey Kong nonsense 😉

This guy called Randy Glover made Jumpman and then went and found Epyx who were kind enough to be the publishers. (This was back in the days when you got really rich really quickly making games). It was originally made for the PC and Atari systems, then its sequel was made shortly after (Jumpan Jr, 1984) and that was available also on C64.

Jumpman is great fun! You run around collecting flowers (stfu! they are so!!) and avoiding bombs that are floating around the screen. They are these horrible evil white dots, and when they see you they make this typical high pitched noise and hurl themselves straight at you across or down the screen and you have to jump and run away. Its heaps of fun, and does require a lot of skill. When Jumpman jumps, he kind of leaps so you have to be sure to not jump too late when near the edge of a platform. You could find yourself way down on the ground, legs sprawled, seeing stars if you do 🙂

There are 30 levels in all, meaning great fun that can last for ages. It’s not an easy game, quite a challenge. Scaling ladders, jumping bombs and climbing up ropes. All very fast-paced and full of action.

This game has standard old-timer graphics. So it might hurt your eyes. Back in the old days (*sigh* here she goes again) it used to look really cool with its green platforms and orange flowers, but nowadays you’re gonna have to settle for pink (but that’s why you’re visiting this site for right? Because you love pink!).

The sound can get on your nerves, and is rather loud. He makes this noise when he moves, and when he falls on his head. Like others, I could never figure out how to turn the sound off. But as with the graphics, this is an older game, 19 years old at the date of this review – so expect great gameplay and disturbing graphics and sound 😉

I’d definitely recommend getting a copy of this game. It’s a wonderful old game and brings back heaps of cool memories, and totally kicks butt 🙂 (Donkey Kong eat yer heart out :P~~ Hehe).

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  • Designed by: Randy Glover
  • Published by: Epyx

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Size: 65kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)


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  1. a gravatar html color codes Says:

    You call this game is jumpman? It looks like game called Kong.

  2. a gravatar gmail Says:

    very good. Thank you for sharing!

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