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10 January 2007


 in 1987,Action — Marrsy

Feud Feud Feud

No one knows ‘ow long they have been ‘ere; even old Albert don’t recall ’em comin’an”e reckons ‘e might he over ‘undredt. We didn’t mind when they kept themselves to themselves. I mean all we wants is a bit o’piece an’ quiet an’ leave to go about our business. We’re simlple folk ‘ere in Little Dullford and we can’t be don’ with magic an’ spells. I never did ‘old with folk meddlin’ in things best left alone. We’d see ’em o’course; in the forest pickin’ toadstools an’ suchlike, or p’raps one would pop into Tubby Hieke’s shop for ‘erbs an’ stuff, but by an’ large they left us normal folk alone, and that’s ‘ow we like it.

They’d ‘ad arguments before, we all know that. Well, readin’ them magic books all day they can’t be right in the ‘ead can they? Anyway, two summers back, or maybe three (I remember because that was the year Albert’s donkey died), old Leanoric (he’s the older one I think), he turned ‘is brother Learic into a frog! His own brother! but he turned ‘im back after a week an’ at least they didn’t bother us. Two weeks back, all this changed; first the forest went quiet for a few days, not even a sparra’ dared to make a sound. Then the noises began, first shoutin’ then all manner o’ bangs, explosions and things best not thought about. Yesterday, old Leanoric upped an’ left an’ moved to another ‘ut on t’uther side o’village. Hieke (who knows’em better’n most), reckons they’s about to start a feudin’ an’ woe betide the poor soul who gets in their way. That as maybe but there’s strange things afoot in this ‘ere village an’ no mistake. lt don’t take no fancy book learnin’ to figger we ‘ain’t seen the last o’ this, you mark my words.”

In Feud you take on the role of one of two brothers – wizards – who are um.. feuding. You must travel the land collectin ingredients in order to create nasty spells to use against your sibling (who is doing the same). This game was the spectrum equivalent of the one-on-one deatmatch (against the computer) except that this is more fun.*

It’s a very simple concept that works well – though it is not without it’s problems. For instance each game can go on for a very long time, finding ingredients is a lengthy business when the game world is as big as it is in Feud. Also some spells can only be used once, meaning that you have to go to the trouble of collecting the ingredients all over again (very annoying). It would be much better IMO if once you have a spell, you keep it for the duration.

The graphics are very nice for the time the game was released (some of the best seen in the spectrum as far as I know) and the game world itself is quite interesting, if a little on the big side (it’s very easy to get lost).

All in all a fun game, flawed in a few places but still a nice way to waste an hour or so.

* Look, I don’t care what anyone says – Quake sucks arse. Bite me!

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  • Designed by: Binary Design Ltd
  • Published by: Bulldog Software

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Size: 106kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)


4 Responses to “Feud”

  1. a gravatar -=+BadMrFrosty+=- Says:

    Feud was one of my all time favourite games. Great graphics, and good action. Interestingly enough the commodore/speccy version was different from the Amstrad version. THAT last version ruled the roost

  2. a gravatar Yourfrind Says:

    knowing it from the early MSX days, cool sound, cool gameplay, very good game

  3. a gravatar Electric Wizard Says:

    I loved this when I was little. The concept’s great, it would be a brilliant candidate for modernising if you ask me.

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