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7 January 2007


 in 1983,Action — bunnzy

Digger Digger

This is another one of the first games I ever played. I remember when our school had this game on the old XT machines, and it was basically the only game they had =

You are a little digger, and you dig tunnels collecting gems. Then get as much gold as you can 😉 You can be strategic and kill the evil guys with gold bags, by dropping them on their heads. I do believe you can shoot stuff as well, but its much cooler to kill them with the gold, because you can only fire so often anyway.

I can’t really say that much about the game, except that it created a worldwide Digger phenomenon. People loved it; it is a classic indeed! Those dim orange, gold, red and green colours, the beeping and classy sounds!

There is a home page for digger at www.digger.org. Go visit and check out the remastered version. You might want to also join the Digger mailing list if you love the game lots!

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5 Responses to “Digger”

  1. a gravatar Tuan Says:

    Digger is a truly great game, especially when you mention the music. Digger have attracted a lot of followers since 80s, where XT is standard and AT is a luxury hehe :). Although I always want to join the Digger’s Hall of Fame since I played it, I am pretty sure Digger always have a place in “Hall of Games” in the arcade or action section. Till now my nephew, who is born at 1988, is playing it with the same zest as I had.

  2. a gravatar Itay Brenner Says:

    I really love the sound of this game. The music coming from the PC speaker is great, and it even changes if you die! I also love the color effect on the high scores screen. However, I couldn’t play it on my 286/486/Pentium …. Good thing there is a remake now.

  3. a gravatar A fan Says:

    Digger is what we call perfection. It is not a game it is religion. It is a way of living, a way of fashion and understanding. We all want to look cool like Nobbin and Hobbin, but indeed we can barely come close to these evil gluttons.
    This is The Game.

  4. a gravatar Chris Bourgeois Says:

    Digger is the coolest game I played as a kid my mom nd dad were hooked on it and still are as there s a windows version at http://www.digger.org I love it…I had it in 1983 and love it till this day….
    aww the good old days of the 886/888’s and 286 and TRUBO was FAST!! haha

  5. a gravatar Alexandru Says:

    It is beautiful.I like it!

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