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7 January 2007

Deathtrack USA

 in 1990,Action,Simulation — bunnzy

Deathtrack USA Deathtrack USA

A whole new dimension to the world of car racing! This game is great to release all that pent-up stress πŸ˜‰ It was the first game that bought together big giant guns, and a new way to win a car race.

I remember playing this game on my 286. That damn Melissa cow would always get ahead of me in her crappy red car ROAR. Then I would get my biggest missile out and blow her clean out of existence! WOOHOO! Take that! Hehe, I loved this game so much. I never really was one for car games, but Deathtrack is just so much fun!

When you first start you can chose between three different cars, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Some are faster, yet some have heavier armor and can kick harder ass. All are rather funky and threatening though. You then can take your car to the shop and buy weapons or parts. There are some serious weapons, such as missiles, caltrops, mines, machine guns and terminators etc. In the parts shop you can get faster engines, wheels, armor etc.

There are 10 different tracks, in 10 cities. Some of them are at night, some during the day. I liked the variety, as there were enough different tracks, but also not too many, which allowed you to learn them rather well. The more you win, the more money you get. The more money you get, you can buy weapons and car modifications. You NEED to buy weapons, so that you can blast the other drivers off the track, and also defend yourself. Because the less drivers alive on the track, the less people that can fire a missile at you.

When you play this game you will definitely need a slow down app, this game runs way too fast on anything higher then a 286. (You don’t want to try playing this on a p3, mark my words πŸ˜‰ hehe).

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Deathtrack USA

  • Published by: Activision
  • Designed by: Dynamix

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Size: 471kb (2 min on 56k dial-up)

9 Responses to “Deathtrack USA”

  1. a gravatar Christian from Norway Says:

    Oh my! I played this game for at least ten years ago, it was my all time favourite game. I loved it!! But somehow I forgot it existed.. but thanks to you, Bunnzy I can play it again. I LOVE you!!! But how do I get a proper Computerslower thing-thing?? app??? I still loves you!

  2. a gravatar BEN Says:

    One of my favorate games as a kid. Amazing how they got polygons running on a 286 10mhz. I tried running this on a 486 66 and the race completes in about 2 seconds. I really wish this game would be remade or updated without changing the basics.

  3. a gravatar bunnzy Says:

    ts the best racing game in the whole kickass sense. Of course there are the cute racing games like slicks, but they seem to be of a different birds-eye-view sort. But Death Track was a game of its own kind, the carnage and the way you could win with force not just good driving skills was great πŸ˜€

  4. a gravatar Hexie Says:

    This game worked too slow on my 8 Mhz XT, it worked just fine on the 10 MHz 286. It was way too fast on my 486. Had a lot of fun with it on the 286. Too bad the CGA pallete is limited to 2 colors. Black and white. That was probably the problem playing on the XT in 640×200.

  5. a gravatar daerdevil Says:

    Wow, I remember having to choose between Death Track and Mechwarrior one Christmas. Alas, I had so much fun with Mechwarrior that I forgot how much I wanted Death Track. Kudos for bringing back such a great game. One of those “I missed out on a true gem” moments.

  6. a gravatar bunnzy » Blog Archive » Death Race…. Says:

    […] Hmmm, awesome.  Death Race,can anyone say Death Track!! […]

  7. a gravatar Aytakk Says:

    I loved this game on my old XT. Was a tad slow but still fun.

  8. a gravatar ozzy Says:

    This is the game that taught me (well, okay, the manual did) that “Porsche” is a 2 syllable word…

    “Gravity really gets me down…”

    Loved this game. I used Dosbox to record an mp3 of the Sound Blaster version of the opening theme. The mt-32 version was nowhere near as good.

    My friends and I would play it together. One person on keyboard, the other on joystick. The keyboard person would drop the caltrops, change weapons, etc, while the joystick person would steer and fire.

  9. a gravatar Lysdexic Says:

    I love this game! I played this a ton back when I was in college (yes, I AM that old). {8^)) It is great to get to play it again, but can anyone tell me how to save a circuit or run an old circuit without the game getting permanently stuck on the “Please insert disk #2” message?

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