Bunny Abandonware

There are so many people to thank, people who have really made a difference to this site over the years. Whether it be behind the scenes or right up here working side by side with me.

Brett: The best cousin in the world, and a whizzbang at all things codey, funky, appley and gamey. Thank you so much for everything.

Marrsy: Well, what can I say? 🙂 From the FAQ and designing to all the games you’ve put up here and shared with me and everyone else. Also kicking my arse to get me to work, and letting me rant and rave when things never seemed to work. Thanks for all your help designing v1.0 and v2.0

gord: Aww, now gord rocks. From coding help to coming up with the coolest games. It’s neat to have a partner in crime like gord. He takes good care of this site for us.

voh: 🙂 You put my dreams to reality for the design help on v3.0. Oh, and for letting me keep the pink. (Yeah baby!)

the–dud: For the hosting you provided us for a short while, and the endless hours of PHP tutoring you gave me.

Spoom, Halkyon, LD and ZeroByte: Thanks for the motivational spankings and all the feedback. 🙂 Extra special thanks to LD for saving my life – you are a true hero.

#abandongames on Infinity-irc.org: Nothing like home. Most of you guys have helped out in some way.

Oyn and Hexie (and some others): Thanks for feeding the games collection!

Anyone else who has contributed reviews, games, extras or advice – thank you! 🙂 A community cannot be a community unless people all lend in and help out each other.

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