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Wikipedia on the Dizzy series:

The Dizzy series of computer games was one of the most successful computer game brands of the late eighties. They were all based around a central figure, an intelligent egg-like creature called Dizzy.

The first game in the series, also called Dizzy, was released in June 1986 and billed as “the ultimate cartoon adventure”. At this point, Dizzy was not specifically intended to be an egg; the shape had been chosen because it was easy to rotate and animate. Later games introduced the Yolkfolk (Dizzy’s friends and family), along with other egg-related puns.

Most of the games were arcade adventures. Dizzy would run, jump, and roll around various locations in order to collect objects, interact with other characters, and solve logical puzzles. Dizzy and the Yolkfolk also appeared in a few action games, such as the maze game Fast Food, Kwik Snax and the action game Dizzy Down the Rapids.

The games were almost entirely developed by the Oliver Twins who later formed Interactive Studios.

Most of the games were released for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, Atari ST and Amiga, with a few also ported to the NES, Mega Drive, Game Gear, and DOS. Some were ported to the Russian Electronics BK-0010 and Radio 86RK.

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