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9 January 2007

The Great Escape

 in 1985,Action — Jon. Justice

The Great Escape The Great Escape

Wowee. It’s an isometric game in all its 1980’s glory. Looking awful like so many Ultimate games like Alien8, you’d be forgiven for thinking your PC has turned into a Spectrum.

It’s easy to install and get running, but it rips along and you’d better use a slowdown utility or the game will be over before you’ve figured out the controls. Indeed it’s unplayable even on an old 486.

Well it’s quite a good game. You have to assemble all the parts of your escape kit, beit disguises, wirecutters or whatever. There’s a regular routine at the camp like roll call and meals and you must be present whenever the prisoners are checked, so you have to be sneaky to get anything done. Once you have everything you need for your
escape, it’s time to go!

Well the graphics suck, but in a retro way, so that makes them alright. The sound is internal speaker only (yike). And it has a tendency to crash the sound routines on exit so your speaker will burble away until a reboot. But on the whole it’s quite an enjoyable game although you probably won’t play it more than once.

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The Great Escape

  • Designed by: Denton Design
  • Published by: OCEAN

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