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7 January 2007

Tangentopoli (AKA Bribesville)

 in 1993,Action — italian_anonymous

Tangentopoli Tangentopoli Tangentopoli

The theme of this game is the political-judicial situation in Italy in the first years of ’90. Italian magistrates begin arresting politicians for “Tangentopoli” (Bribesville), corruption scandals multiply and “Mani Pulite” (“clean hands”) investigations spread throughout the political system. A magistrate alone (Antonio Di Piero) leads the investigations in spite of numerous attempts to stop him.

In the game you play the part of the magistrate (“De Petris”) who struggles against corruption’s takeover. There are two kind of stages that cycles growing in difficulty until you lose.

In the first stage you must avoid the Tangentometro (Bribemeter) to show full until year 1992. Agents of corruption will be political minions (the ones carring party shields), party symbols (the flag on the left and the ivy on the right), and political leaders in the background. While shooting them (using “s” and “d” keys) the’ll shoot back at you, helped by corrupted men of law throwing burocratic hindrances from the windows. In the second stage you are in “Ufficio Insabbiature” (“Hindering Office”) to uncover from the sand hindered documents avoiding pitfalls.

The game has been quite an underdog in Italy, not being a state of the art game for the time (1993). I played it on a 286 machine and the character acted too slow too win, then on a Pentium and it acted too fast to consider the game a challenge. Anyway it’s worth at least a play to feel that sense of fighting against useless bureaucracy Italians know well. 🙂

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Tangentopoli (AKA Bribesville)

  • Published by: Xenia Edizioni
  • Designed by: Xenia Edizioni

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