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6 January 2007


 in 1989,Sports — dojo

Budokan Budokan Budokan

Bukodan is a Fighting Game from 1989 that i would say is one of the overall funnest fighting games i have ever played. It has Sublime features that really prove that the original concepts of 80’s videogames lead to much funner games than the current Shoot Em Up’s.

In Bukoden you play the role of a martial arts student. The point of the game is to win the Martial arts tournament called Bukodan (Funny that =D). In this tournament, Completly Different Martial arts can be used by different combatents against each other. However, what makes bukodan really interesting is that u can use 4 different martial arts. The martial arts avaliable are Karate (Unarmed), Kendo (Long sword-like sticks), Nunchaku (Nunchuks – 2 small sticks linked together by a chain) and Bo (Staff combat). There are 4 different dojos, one for each form of martial art, where u can practice moves without an opponent to work out moves, or against a AI simulant, which at Shodan level is sometimes hard to beat. There is also a Sparring Mat, where you can fight against the computer with him using a different art from you, our your friend by sharing a keyboard. The Bukodan is very challenging. You are only allowed to use each martial art 4 times in the tournament, so you must be good at all 4 styles to stand a chance. They do not all use Styles you can use either..

Graphics are good for 1989, with large,clear sprites and fluid animation (if you dont button bash). Controlling and fighting with the charecture u are is easy, with button bashing avaliable but it will always lose to skillful blocking and attacking the enemies unguarded area. Sound, well, there was no sound for me, due to me having sound card incompatibility troubles.

The game does have flaws that would definatly make it better – Allowing You to pick another charecture for multi so u dont get confused would be my major grip, and a more even fighting system (i found karate to be too weak againt the others) would improve gameplay, but overall a very good example of the great games of old.

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  • Published by: Electronic Arts
  • Designed by: Electronic Arts

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