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11 January 2007

Universal Game Editor v1.0

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From the nfo:

Universal Game Editor is a program designed to edit SAVED GAMES. This shareware release comes with five pre-configured MODULES that can be used to edit four different games. These games are Civilization, Betrayal at Krondor, Master of Orion (2 MODULES) and Lands of Lore. This shareware release is fully functional, and is not crippled in any way.

This program will allow you to change many aspects of your games. Military unit strengths and weaknesses may be adjusted in wargames. Character skills and attributes may be changed in role-playing games. In fact, almost any game that allows you to save your game is a candidate for editing.

Universal Game Editor v1.0 Universal Game Editor v1.0

You’ll also find more modules lying around the internet for your favourite games which you can use with UGE. I found a few just searching on Google.

If anyone manages to ever find Jack Hartman’s homepage again then please let me know!

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Universal Game Editor v1.0

  • Designed by: Jack Hartman

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Size: 111kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)

One Response to “Universal Game Editor v1.0”

  1. a gravatar RegUGE Says:

    Make a file named UGE.KEY in the same folder as UGE.EXE

    Put the following 6 bytes of info into it:
    94 20 41 F2 4C 63

    Save it and exit. UGE will act like it’s registered.

    For the Game Utilities by Jack Hartman:
    94 2D 21 92 BC 60

    94 5C 8F F2 A3 60


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