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11 January 2007


 in Applications — bunnzy

This is by far the best slowdown utility I have come across. With it’s small easy-to-use interface it is just so simple. You slow down your PC between 1-100%. Just increment it until you have it the way you need it.

Turbo has excellent help documentation built-in.

I used this before DOSBox was available, and still use it for games that won’t work in DOSBox.


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5 Responses to “Turbo”

  1. a gravatar gezz Says:

    doesn’t work on cpu’s that has more than 1 cores.

  2. a gravatar james Says:

    this program is not that great. It only works on dual core if you set processor affinity on two instances of the program, and in vista, it has been causing some GUI proglems

  3. a gravatar punit Says:

    how will i know it’s working or not ???? nothin happens after i open it ,,,, i don understand.

  4. a gravatar Jecht Says:

    So this is pretty much only useful for preventing the cpu from overheating, am i right?

  5. a gravatar bunnzy Says:

    Recommended for single core CPUs. Back in the day this was really useful not for preventing overheating, but slowing down the CPU to play games and run other applications. I guess you could use it to underclock yourself though…

    I recommend moving to something like DOSBox.

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