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11 January 2007


 in Applications — bunnzy

NeverLock defeats copy-protection on a variety of software products.

  • Shareware NeverLock defeats document checks on games.
  • Universal NeverLock defeats document checks on many more games.
  • Business NeverLock defeats the Everlock key-diskette system on commercial business programs.

NeverLock NeverLock NeverLock

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  • Designed by: Copyware Inc
  • Published by: Copyware Inc

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Size: 905kb (4 min on 56k dial-up)

6 Responses to “NeverLock”

  1. a gravatar Clint Says:

    Thank you for the NeverLock. I was searching a long time for this software. I have keydisks to some very expensive software ware, and this is a great utility to have. Thank you again.

    PS: If you ever find “Diskfactory32” or “Blitz Copy”, let me know.

  2. a gravatar Wil Says:

    DiskFactory32 is an ancient floppy disk imaging package basically for copying/imaging a floppy to a file or from the file back to a floppy. It doesn’t handle copy protected floppies and doesn’t work reliably on all versions of Windows. The company is out of business. I suggest you look at WinImage instead. It’s far superior to DF. Far, far, far superior.

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