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11 January 2007

Dprotecter v3.2

 in Applications — bunnzy

From the nfo:

With this release of The Dprotecter for DOS comes a host of utilities along with many new unprotects. This version will allow users to add their own unpro- tects to the database, quickly and easily with a built in file compare routine. Compare the cracked file to the original and voila, a new unprotect! Adds the ability to export your own database to a file that can be uploaded to other BBS’s. This should allow many third party crackers to add to the growing databases!

Dprotecter v3.2 Dprotecter v3.2 Dprotecter v3.2

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Dprotecter v3.2

  • Designed by: Tim Trahan

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Size: 152kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)

One Response to “Dprotecter v3.2”

  1. a gravatar Rafael aka Lone Lee Says:

    About the download of Dprotecter, it seems to have the wrong file (it downloads Crock instead).

    Great site!


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