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About the site – foreword by bunny

Ahhh my site, I guess it is here for a reason. Some people may wonder why, others might be wise enough to never ask the motivations of a madwomans actions – no matter what it is she is doing! MuahAhAHhaHAh!!

But really, I love the old games, the content and purpose of the site make it worthwhile for me. (You’d be lucky to find more than 2 modern games on any of my PC’s).

I remember when I was really little and we never had a PC. I would go to my friends house and we would play Gauntlet on her big brothers C64. Then when they finally got a desktop PC, we would sit there and play many other games against each other. We soon got our own PC at home, in the days of Kings Quest and Commander Keen. The game that got me into the abandonware scene was Slicks n Slides, which was a cool little racing car game that I used to play with my cousin Brett. It was a great game for its time, I loved it. We used to push each other off chairs and bite each other just trying to win.

Oh yes.. we took our racing very seriously 😉

Therefore I would have to say the main purpose of this site is to keep the old games alive. The games you find on this site are ones that cannot be purchased anymore, therefore only live on the harddrives, disks or CD’s of the people that own them. If you were looking for any of these games, the abandonware download sites would probably be your only source unless you have some friends with weird old crusty disks in the bottom of their desk drawers 😉 hehe). I play my part in helping to keep the games alive by giving the world access to them. I have CD’s full of abandonware that is slowly eeking out of existence. My plan is to share it around, and get as many copies of the games out there as I can. All your harddrives are belong to me 😉

Other reasons I run this site would have to come under my “fun” umbrella. I have lots of fun trying to make the site better, and over the years, I have had a lot of fun working with Marrsy (or should we say *ahem* bossing him around) when trying to make it look pretty, and with various others who have helped me out. ASP/PHP coding is something that I can do, therefore I find it fun (meh, I’m a geek and I’m proud!). I think it’s just being creative and seeing something that you look after doing well that is a real satisfaction.

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