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28 July 2010

New images and videos for our old games

 in News — bunnzy

Hello! 🙂

I’m currently doing some work on the screenshots for the games on this website.  A lot of them were taken years ago and are teeny-weeny (eww, see Coolspot.)  

I can take much bigger screenshots, more of them, and just better quality really (well as quality as the game was, right?) It’s time to go back and look at ones I took before I used DOSBox and get them up to scratch!

We should also get some videos in there too huh? We do have a Bunny Abandonware YouTube channel, it’s just used for some pretty irrelvant things right now… Then again, are you sure you want to see me fucking up constantly when it comes to jumping over gaps n stuff? I’m a shitty platform gamer, it’s a known fact.

Anyway, work is underway. So keep your eyes peeled for updated game screenies and videos.