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1 July 2008

Abmis the Lion

 in 1996,Platform — bunnzy

Such a magnificent game. I remember this game from when I was much younger. I have to say I thought it was awesome then, and I think it’s awesome now.

Abmis the Lion Abmis the Lion Abmis the Lion

At first glimpse it seems very simple, boring, crappy, mundane and well, crappy. But it’s not. Like a Transformer, there is “more than meets the eye”.

Great challenges face thee who takes on the role of King Abmis the Lion. Battle your way through puzzle riddled levels saving your potatoes. Yes, Sly Fox has stolen the Kings potatoes.

While on your quest you can collect weapons to throw (I think some of them are coconuts and .. water things). But you must avoid all the incredibly dangerous island inhabitants like crabs. You collect items which you can trade for other items, weapons and keys.

There’s also food to be had! This game is quite difficult. I did finish it when I was younger, but I have to admit I needed to ask someone in #oldgames for help just to get past the first level this time -_-

A bit about the specs? Good old PC speaker beeping away, plus stunning VGA graphics 🙂 What more could you ask for? Well, unfortunately you could ask for more from a 1996 game, it’s a bit of a let-down. But the infuriating puzzles should distract you from that…

Climb aboard your turtle to Sly Fox’s island and save those potatoes!

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Abmis the Lion

  • Designed by: Button Software
  • Published by: Button Software

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Size: 53kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)

Oil’s Well

 in 1990,Action — bunnzy

Oil's Well Oil's Well Oil's Well

The first thing I noticed about this game is the totally funky music. To put a very personal slant on this, I didn’t like the game at all, but I did like the music, and I did like the lovely background and imagery at the top of the screen.

Press spacebar to select a difficulty of Regular, Unleaded or Premium. Ha-ha. Nice touch! Great cartoons between the levels. Shame there is only eight levels though.
Good adlib sound, nice VGA graphics, but pretty lame game-play. If I really knew how to play it then I’d probably be okay. Otherwise I just… don’t know what to say.

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Oil’s Well

  • Published by: Sierra On-Line, Inc.
  • Designed by: Banana Development, Inc.

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Size: 2443kb (9 min on 56k dial-up)