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30 March 2008

Marching on…

 in News — bunnzy

It’s hard to believe that it’s already the end of March 2008. Time really does fly when you’re having fun (and being a mum, and being a manager, and being a student, and being a webmaster…).

But, I do live for abandonware! -_-; And I’m loving the progress of this site. I am really happy, and I guess.. encouraged to see the new sites which are still being built to support this cause. I remember when it was the 1990s and we were starting abandonware websites to keep the 1980s alive. And it’s nearly 2010 and people are still starting up websites to keep the 1980s alive, as well as the 1990s.

Keep up the good work everyone. It’s worthy cause, and as curators of these museums we’re doing a damn fine job.

Au revoir!
Michelle xx

Chip’s Challenge

 in 1991,Strategy — bunnzy

Note: This game requires Microsoft Windows.

Chip is a mega-nerd. And he wants to join the Bit Busters, which is a club for… nerds. The problem is the club is run by Melinda the Mental Marvel, and there is a rigorous test you must pass to be eligible to join.

To take up this much desired memberhship Chip has to collect all the computer chips in her tree house, which is a huge maze of levels over 140 levels tall! That is one HUGE treehouse! And it’s a really dodgy tricky treehouse with magic walls, strange doors, teleports, open fires, invisible walls and scary monsters. (Who leaves unattended fires in a treehouse?)

Chip's Challenge Chip's Challenge Chip's Challenge

This game is great. I have never made it to the end, but I’ve given it a damn good go. The levels get more challenging quite quickly. Every level has a yellow question mark on the floor, if you stand on that then you get a hint about the level and what you should do.

Some levels you have to do in certain times, you can pause the game to think. Always use the hints you are given. And read the ingame help, because they have a really good “Strategy and Hints” section!

The good news is that if you are having a really tough time trying to figure out a level sometimes Melinda will let you through to the next one. But you really have to deserve it! 😉

Chip's Challenge Chip's Challenge Chip's Challenge

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Chip’s Challenge

  • Published by: Microsoft Game Studios
  • Designed by: Epyx, Inc.

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Size: 175kb (1 mins on 56k dial-up)


9 March 2008


 in 1990,Arcade,Simulation — hexie

Broderbund Software Stunts Main Menu

Stunts, possibly a game every oldgamer knows. Its about racing, stunting and designing your own stunt tracks. That is probably the most interesting bit in the game, creating your own tracks and let others race it and laugh about their mistakes. I’ve played this game a million times, together with friends or your brother, or anyone. I started out with this game on our XT, it already run on that pretty well, but it went ofcourse a lot better when we had our 286. Nowadays it runs like a charm on DosBOX and you dont need a very powerful computer either. There are lots of supported graphic modes, Hercules, CGA, EGA, MCGA 256-color and Tandy. Same goes for the sound, PC Speaker, Adlib and Roland MT-32. Although the sound isnt too interesting, you have to do it from the gameplay.

The graphics are in 3D polygon style, no sprites are being used, apart from the dashboard view, so everything is “true” 3D. The viewing range limit is maybe a bit too near, so you have to react pretty fast when a sharp corner is coming up, or the road is blocked with .. uhm .. blocks. They seam to just pop into view, it can frustrate once in a while.

There are two different race types, race against an opponent or race against the clock. Racing against an opponent is always a computer player, so its never with two people. Thats something I think lacks in the game, playing against a human opponent, it would be awesome if you could race with two players, or with more players networked. Its really a bit you miss when you play it a while. The computer players are ranging in AI from newbie till professional, allthough you can win on some tracks pretty easily from the pro AI player. The AI makes a lot of driving errors and you can easily take advantage over that. Yes, a human is more clever than the AI most of the time. So you usually and up being the first one to finish, when the AI decided to run into a blockade and crash. It makes you giggle though and you think .. “What a stupid error to make”. Racing against time is the other option and that is more fun when you’re playing in turns with a friend, just to see who is better on one of the default tracks or on the self made ones.

Editor Bunnzy Track Take a car

When you go for a race, you can choose from a variety of different cars, theres a Ferrari, a few Lamborghinis, a few Porsches, a Jaguar, an Audi, a Lancia and a few others, like an F1 racing car. If you’re racing against the newbie AI, give him the F1, for hilarious fun 😉 And you can choose your favorite color. All the cars have a different dashboard view and different drive styles.

Yeah, you heard it right, self made tracks. The game comes with a fairly simple editor, to make your own tracks. You can choose from a variety of pre-made objects, roads, bendy roads, muddy roads, icey roads, bridges, jumps, loopings, scenery, etc, and place them in one of the few different landscapes. You can make super short tracks or highly complex circuits and you can then use them in both the racing against opponents and racing against time game modes. The AI always knows the shortest route though, so when you’re making multiple branched tracks, then the AI is always the most clever one in finding the right route to the finish. But when racing against time with your friends, you’re always in for a good laugh when your friend takes the long route, or the difficult one when there is an easy road till the finish. Fun guaranteed.

Fasten your seatbelt I Rock Burnie Rubber

Overall a pretty fun game, it will last forever when you’re playing in turns with friends and make the oddest and wierdest routes and going for the best time. Already told you the goods and the bads of the AI, so you can judge that for yourself, but I hardly used that racing option. The music is only available in the menus, so you only hear “exciting” racing sounds while driving and I think the MT-32 racing sounds arent too bad either. Its just that every car sounds alike, theres no difference in sound between an Audi Quattro or the F1 car. But thats not something thats very important in this game. The track editor is probably the best thing in the game and if it wasnt there, then it probably would be the most boring game ever. But for this one, two thumbs up!

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  • Published by: Broderbund Software
  • Designed by: Distinctive Software Incorporated

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Size: 1087kb (4 min on 56k dial-up)