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31 December 2007

Happy New Year!

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Well, another year has passed us by here at Bunny Abandonware. Quite a few changes occurred.

Firstly we have moved into v4.0. The new wordpress setup is working awesomely. We are also fully moved to our new host – Huzzah to Hexie. You can send him lots of love emails via this website. Use our contact form to say thank you to him. He’s really our saviour! (Seriously, get that love mail flowing okay!)

Our second biggest change was getting Abandoned Places added to our collection. Now we have to great sites run by the fabulous people here. Well, I’m the only person, I guess that makes me fabulous? No? 😉

It’s been, 9 years now? It’s been a long time anyway. I’ve seen a lot of sites go down the tubes over the years. Even ones which are still alive from the good old days are abandoned themselves, never to be updated (read: HOTU, Flashback etc). We’ll keep trucking 🙂 Long live abandonware and our worthy cause.

Here’s to a most excellent 2008! *cheers*

25 December 2007

Merry Christmas!

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Hi everyone,

A short Merry Christmas message for all the fans out there, and friends and loved ones and special people. Especially you lovely clowns over in #oldgames EFnet.

I have added Holiday Lemmings for your enjoyment 😉

Enjoy a safe and awesome Christmas, and all the best for the new year.

Love Michelle xxx

Christmas Lemmings (Complete Collection)

 in 1991,1992,1993,1994,Puzzle — bunnzy

This games is more than one mere game. The Christmas Lemmings series included four great short games by the dudes from Psygnosis.

The four games are all included in the one download from this site, for your pleasure. They are:

  • Xmas Lemmings (1991)
  • Xmas Lemmings (1992)
  • Christmas/Holiday Lemmings (1993)
  • Christmas/Holiday Lemmings (1994)

Christmas Lemmings (Complete Collection) Christmas Lemmings (Complete Collection) Christmas Lemmings (Complete Collection)

A bit about the games then eh? So, in true Lemming style you had to guide the lemmings from the entry to the exit. Overcoming all barriers using things like digging, steps, etc. Nominating lemmings to do the tasks.

The first two games had very few levels and were considered demo’s. The latter two were full games with 16 levels each. If I recall correctly the 1991 Xmas Lemmings had less levels than the 1992 Xmas Lemmings, because it included a couple of levels from the Oh No! More Lemmings game. You check that out and let me know.

Christmas Lemmings (Complete Collection) Christmas Lemmings (Complete Collection) Christmas Lemmings (Complete Collection)

All four games have the Christmas theme going on, from the little suits the lemmings wear to the halls decked out with bells and holly. They battle their way through ice and snow laying down their planks of wood true lemmings-style.

If you expected something different, then apart from visually and musically you will be let down. But if you’re into puzzle gaming, enjoyed the Lemmings games and want something fun for the festive season then by all means download these cool titles.

Oh, they are so cute with their little hats on, and as they are walking along they go boing, boing, boing, and the music is just brilliant!!

Christmas Lemmings (Complete Collection) Christmas Lemmings (Complete Collection) Christmas Lemmings (Complete Collection)

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Christmas Lemmings (Complete Collection)

  • Published by: Psygnosis
  • Designed by: DMA Design

Download Now »

Size: 706kb (3 min on 56k dial-up)