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18 March 2007

Howdy folks :)

 in News — bunnzy

Another great game added. I have added Lunar Command which is a newer but identical version of Moonbase from the same creators. It’s basically just updated to run on newer PC’s. Yet, it was still 15 years ago, so it’s not _that_ new 😉

I got my own blog at www.weetbix.net working again, I’m trying my hand at this WordPress templating nonsense. We’ll see how I can do!

Lunar Command

 in 1993,Simulation — bunnzy

box-cover.jpg Lunar Command Lunar Command Lunar Command

Lunar Command is a newer version of Moonbase that can run on your modern PC. I had a dig around and really, I can see no difference except for I think maybe airlocks weren’t available in the other version, but I’m not sure. Plus,it now runs on computers properly and the menu’s are in English as opposed to gibberish.

Lunar Command like Moonbase was not very popular, yet is one of the best sim games I have ever played. You create a base on the moon and then mine minerals (or create electronics and material) which you sell back to earth. You have to get producing/mining goods to sell right away because NASA withdraw their support very early on in your mission.

I’ve added the manual as a link below which I got from HOTU. I figured I could redirect you over there to get it and you can, visit www.the-underdogs.info or you can save their bandwidth and download it here. 🙂

View my Moonbase review for further information about this game.

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Lunar Command

  • Published by: Mallard Software
  • Designed by: Wesson International

Download Now »

Size: 3497kb (12 min on 56k dial-up)


3 March 2007

Firefox Add-ons

 in News — bunnzy

I’m playing with Firefox and finding add-ons. I’m quite bored really. Well, no, I lie. I am playing Cultures 2, but came back waiting for my torrent to finish so I can watch the latest episode of Scrubs…

Let’s see how this add-on does it 🙂